PDO Peza Crete Extra Virgin

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PDO Peza Crete Extra Virgin

Glass bottles : 500 ml /16.9 fl.oz
                              250 ml/8.5 fl.oz

In the region of Peza Heraklion, extra virgin olive oil has been produced since the Minoan times, more than 5,000 years ago. The rich soil of the area, the appropriate altitude and microclimate conditions are ideal for growing olive trees.  This olive oil is produced from the fruit of 'koroneiki' variety olives and is characterized as 'Protected Designation of Origin' - 'PDO PEZA HERAKLION CRETE' by Reg. EEC 1107/96. An exquisite olive oil with very low acidity (< 0.4%) and unique organoleptic characteristics : true olive aroma, particular taste and distinctive gold green colour.



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