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Fleur de Sel

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Fleur de Sel 

Glass jar of 180 gr / 7.2 oz

The sun, the wind, and the Mediterranean Sea join forces in the natural salt pans of the island of Crete to produce this finest, whitest and most delicate Fleur de Sel ('Flower of Salt'). Skimmed in the summer only from the thin top surface layer of the salt bed, this distinctive crystal-shaped salt delivers a refreshing and intoxicating flavor, like a fine sea mist. 

The pure, light crystals of Vita & Terra ® Fleur de Sel are treasured for their subtle flavor and their natural, free of artificial additives, high concentration of minerals : iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium, manganese, zinc and iodine.

Vita & Terra ® premium Fleur de Sel will enhance the individual flavors in any dish you prepare. Its crunchy texture and naturally intense taste makes it an ideal choice when cooking, baking, and garnishing. Sprinkle it onto fresh or cooked food just before serving to add unique character and flavor.

Fleur de Sel is regarded as the 'caviar of sea salts'. Pure and fresh, it just tastes and feels like the sea !

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